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More Nonsurgical Spine Clinics Needed

Could improved access to nonsurgical care (such as chiropractic care) for those experiencing sciatic (leg pain) and low back pain reduce the high rates of lumbar disc surgery? Denmark researchers recently organized a study to find out. In 1997, two nonsurgical spine clinics were opened, targeting patients with sciatica of 1 to 3 months’ duration, with or without low back pain. In the county where these clinics operated, lumbar disc operations reduced from approximately 60-80 per 100,000 people before 1997 to 40 per 100,000 people in 2001. The rate in the rest of Denmark, outside of the county, remained unchanged during the same period. This provides strong evidence showing the importance and overall impact of conservative, nonsurgical care, which is exactly what chiropractic care is all about!

Source: Spine. 30(21):2469-2473, November 1, 2005