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Patient Testimonials of Back to Action Chiropractic Center

  • 17 Years of Wrist Pain Gone in 60 Seconds!
  • Electrician 'Rewired' with Chiropractic
  • Man Runs For His Life
  • Woman Free To Hug In Four-Wheel Drive
  • After Years of Torture, Woman Escapes Her Tormentors
  • I Was Doomed To Suffer Forever
  • Woman Loses Two Years Of Her Life
  • Why Didn't Someone Tell Me Before It Was Too Late?
  • Doctor Offers Alternative To Beer For Pain Relief
  • Avid "Swinger" Needs Help
  • Expectant Mother Almost Goes Crazy
  • Girlfriend Tired of Complaints Convinces Boyfriend to Give Chiropractic A Try
  • No "Band-Aid" For My Problem - Fix It With Chiropractic
  • Engaged Women Finally Able To See Fiance Without Pain


I recently treated a patient suffering with wrist pain for over 16 years. She was mis-diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Once I explained to her the issue may be due to her wrist bones (carpals) were locked up, she consented to me performing an adjustment (manipulation) on her wrist.
Once the joints in her wrist released, and motion was restored, the pain disappeared.

That's 17 YEARS of wrist pain. She had to highlight books vs take notes in school because of her pain. She was looking at possible surgery to solve her problem. She may have had CTS symptoms, but the problem was not caused by the tendon that goes across the wrist.

Can you imagine having 17 years' of pain, and feel it vanish with one chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractors have been doing this with wrists and ankles, in addition to the spine for over 100 years, but I find that no one really knows about it!

If you or a friend is experiencing wrist pain and stiffness, come and see me at my clinic and let me take a look. If I can help eliminate pain and restore function, I will.

I've also included more information below from the American Chiropractic Association for further reading:

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most expensive of all work-related injuries. Over his or her lifetime, a carpal tunnel patient loses about $30,000 in medical bills and time absent from work.

CTS typically occurs in adults, with women 3 times more likely to develop it than men. The dominant hand is usually affected first, and the pain is typically severe. CTS is especially common in assembly-line workers in manufacturing, sewing, finishing, cleaning, meatpacking, and similar industries. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, according to recent research, people who perform data entry at a computer (up to 7 hours a day) are not at increased risk of developing CTS.

What Is CTS?

CTS is a problem of the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand. CTS occurs when the median nerve gets compressed in the carpal tunnel-a narrow tunnel at the wrist-made up of bones and soft tissues, such as nerves, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. The compression may result in pain, weakness, and/or numbness in the hand and wrist, which radiates up into the forearm. CTS is the most common of the "entrapment neuropathies"- compression or trauma of the body’s nerves in the hands or feet.

What Are the Symptoms?

Burning, tingling, itching, and/or numbness in the palm of the hand and thumb, index, and middle fingers are most common. Some people with CTS say that their fingers feel useless and swollen, even though little or no swelling is apparent. Since many people sleep with flexed wrists, the symptoms often first appear while sleeping. As symptoms worsen, they may feel tingling during the day. In addition, weakened grip strength may make it difficult to form a fist or grasp small objects. Some people develop wasting of the muscles at the base of the thumb. Some are unable to distinguish hot from cold by touch.

Why Does CTS Develop?

Some people have smaller carpal tunnels than others, which makes the median nerve compression more likely. In others, CTS can develop because of an injury to the wrist that causes swelling, over-activity of the pituitary gland, hypothyroidism, diabetes, inflammatory arthritis, mechanical problems in the wrist joint, poor work ergonomics, repeated use of vibrating hand tools, and fluid retention during pregnancy or menopause.

How Is It Diagnosed?

CTS should be diagnosed and treated early. A standard physical examination of the hands, arms, shoulders, and neck can help determine if your symptoms are related to daily activities or to an underlying disorder.

Your doctor of chiropractic can use other specific tests to try to produce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common are:

Pressure-provocative test. A cuff placed at the front of the carpal tunnel is inflated, followed by direct pressure on the median nerve.
Carpal compression test. Moderate pressure is applied with both thumbs directly on the carpal tunnel and underlying median nerve at the transverse carpal ligament. The test is relatively new.

Laboratory tests and x-rays can reveal diabetes, arthritis, fractures, and other common causes of wrist and hand pain. Sometimes electro-diagnostic tests, such as nerve conduction velocity testing, are used to help confirm the diagnosis. With these tests, small electrodes, placed on your skin, measure the speed at which electrical impulses travel across your wrist. CTS will slow the speed of the impulses and will point your doctor of chiropractic to this diagnosis.

What Is the CTS Treatment?

Initial therapy includes:

Resting the affected hand and wrist
Avoiding activities that may worsen symptoms
Immobilizing the wrist in a splint to avoid further damage from twisting or bending
Applying cool packs to help reduce swelling from inflammations

Some medications can help with pain control and inflammation. Studies have shown that vitamin B6 supplements may relieve CTS symptoms.

Chiropractic joint manipulation and mobilization of the wrist and hand, stretching and strengthening exercises, soft-tissue mobilization techniques, and even yoga can be helpful. Scientists are also investigating other therapies, such as acupuncture, that may help prevent and treat this disorder.

Occasionally, patients whose symptoms fail to respond to conservative care may require surgery. The surgeon releases the ligament covering the carpal tunnel. The majority of patients recover completely after treatment, and the recurrence rate is low. Proper posture and movement as instructed by your doctor of chiropractic can help prevent CTS recurrences.

How Can CTS Be Prevented?

The American Chiropractic Association recommends the following tips:

Chiropractic Adjustments to release tight joints
Perform on-the-job conditioning, such as stretching and light exercises.
Take frequent rest breaks.
Wear splints to help keep the wrists straight.
Use fingerless gloves to help keep the hands warm and flexible.
Use correct posture and wrist position.
To minimize workplace injuries, jobs can be rotated among workers. Employers can also develop programs in ergonomics - the process of adapting workplace conditions and job demands to workers' physical capabilities.

Electrician 'Rewired' with Chiropractic

I couldn't work. I am an electrician, and I could not look up without my arm going numb. Ninety percent of the work we do is above our heads, in the walls or ceiling. I ended up taking a few weeks off of work to recover.
At home, I was unable to play with my children. I was always in pain, and so I was constantly in a bad mood. Everything irritated me.
It was hard to drive, as well. I couldn't turn my head to see out the windows. I had to turn my entire body, instead.
I didn't feel like doing anything. I was physically unable to do anything. I felt hopeless.
I had the same problem two years before, and I knew that it would take a long time to heal. The pinched nerve sent pain from my shoulder, all the way down to my fingers. I also knew that chiropractic could help.
I knew Dr. Dreessen from church, and decided to try his clinic. At first the recovery was slow, but after a few weeks, I was able to go back to work on light duty. I knew that I would heal more quickly if I didn't work, but I couldn't afford to stay at home any longer.
After a couple of months, I am now pain free. I feel better mentally, and I am a happier person. I have the confidence to immediately visit Dr. Dreessen if this problem ever happens again.
It is not necessary to suffer pain, when there is a good chance that chiropractic care can help. I tell people to go to the chiropractor as soon as the pain starts, and that he will ease their discomfort quickly.


Man Runs For His Life

"For the better part of 20 years, I was stiff... Now I run like I'm on cotton clouds."

I always thought it was normal for my lower back to hurt in the morning and after workouts. I'm a marathon runner and run 60-80 miles a week. I am also very active in the gym. I play soccer and hockey too. For the better part of 20 years, I was stiff. Sitting was difficult. Bending was painful and any stretching in my side hurt. Sometimes, my back even locked up.

I saw other doctors, but I rarely took anything for the pain. I relied on strength training to toughen my back. My wife told me, "Get help for your back! It's just getting worse." Sometimes I found myself getting down about the pain I'd lived with so long. I'd think, "Why me Lord?"

Then one day, I met Dr. Stagg in the gym during one of my regular workouts. We talked about my many ailments, and he suggested I make an appointment to see him in his office. I had some doubts that chiropractic would help me, but I thought, "Why not give it a try?" It couldn't make me feel any worse.

After examining me, Dr. Stagg started me on a chiropractic treatment schedule right away. My recovery has been incredible! Now I run like I'm on cotton clouds. I have no pain or stiffness. I'm flexible. I'm happier. My problem is gone! I can work without thinking about my back. I don't even notice it anymore. I run faster and steadier. My gym workouts are harder and healthier.

Chiropractic care is also responsible for curing another long-term malady I had. For years I woke up two to four times a night to go to the bathroom. I thought it was normal, so I never did anything about it. When it came up during my initial health history, I couldn't believe that chiropractic could affect the problem. Unbelievably, since I've been getting adjusted, I have not had to get up in the night.

I tell almost everyone I meet about chiropractic, even my doctor and surgeon friends. I am still perplexed by the amazing changes it has made in my life. But, I recommend that anyone who is sick, suffering or in pain see a chiropractor. Chiropractic can be your answer. No pills, no operations, just great results! I am a living example of how it can help.

Dr. Stagg is probably the greatest doctor I've ever met. His attitude is so positive. He listens all the time. I attribute my healing process to God and Dr. Stagg. Everyone at Back to Action deserves a really big hug from all of my family. God Bless.


Woman Free To Hug In Four-Wheel Drive

I had extreme and continual neck pain, and often had lower back pain and excessive headaches. I hurt most of the time. My back and neck were constantly aggravated by my job, which is in the dairy industry and requires heavy lifting and long hours.

The constant pain left me feeling very tired all of the time. My activities were limited, and I could no longer run or exercise. Riding in a car caused pain, especially going over speed bumps. There was no way I could ride in a Four-Wheel Drive vehicle.

I could not get hugs from my grandchildren because it hurt my neck! I lived on Ibuprofen 800's and anything else I thought might help the pain.

I had tried chiropractic in the past, but the adjustments made me nauseated. A friend invited me to "Dinner With Doc," an event given by Dr. Dreessen at a local restaurant. My friend knew nothing of my back problems, and I went only to enjoy the free dinner! (Ha! Ha!)

I am glad I gave Dr. Dreessen a chance to help me, even though I had my doubts. I AM NOW PAIN FREE MOST OF THE TIME, AND HAVE BEEN SINCE MY FIRST FEW TREATMENTS! I suffer no nausea from Dr. Dreessen's adjustments. His approach to health and treatment is wonderful. I especially like the relaxed, no-stress atmosphere in the clinic.

I told my daughter about Dr. Dreessen, and both she and her boyfriend are now seeing him. Dr. Dreessen has helped my daughter very much. I now feel that chiropractic is wonderful and love to recommend it to everyone.

To others who are sick or in pain: Try Dr. Dreessen!


After Years of Torture, Woman Escapes Her Tormentors

I used to suffer from migraines, headaches, and TMJ. My pain was so severe, it is almost indescribable. My jaw moved left to right. My migraines made me non-functional. The pain was unbelievable. I couldn't tolerate noise or light. The pain was so bad I would be sick to my stomach. The pain affected my entire life. It got to the point where I just stayed at home. I didn't even want to go outside.

My medical doctor put me on very strong medication for the migraines. Every two weeks I had to go in and get three painful shots so that I wouldn't get the migraines.

The shots left me groggy for days and had other bad side effects. I dreaded getting the shots, but I was trapped because without them the migraines would come back. Sometimes even with the shots, the migraines would start before the two weeks were up, but the medicine was so strong that I could only have the shots twice a month. It was a vicious cycle of pain and prescriptions.

I decided to try chiropractic because I had heard good things about how successful it was at treating headaches. I just wanted my pain to end and didn't want any more shots!

After only a few weeks of treatment, I no longer have migraines and I haven't had any shots! On a scale of 0-10, I was at a 10, but now I'm down to a 2.

This was time well spent! I'm still coming to Dr. Dreessen for maintenance care religiously!

I have told many people about my results with chiropractic. My son, Davis, came to Dr. Dreessen because of low back pain and has been helped very much.

I believe that Dr. Dreessen has a magic hand and is a Gift from God. I'm so grateful for him. I now feel great!


I Was Doomed To Suffer Forever

After twenty years of pain, I forgot what it was like not to hurt. I experienced pain every morning when I woke up, and was unable to move for two hours. I was never comfortable because of the pain in my back.
I used to lead a very active life, and spent time with my friends. The pain became so severe, I often had to decline invitations knowing I would be unable to hide the pain I was in. I spent less and less time with my family. I felt they could not enjoy the time spent with me.
I could no longer go bowling or walking, two activities I used to enjoy. I frequently became depressed thinking my condition would continue to worsen. I resigned myself to living a life with limited social contact.
My previous results with chiropractic had been disappointing. When I met Dr. Dreessen, I had serious doubts, but I decided to try it to avoid surgery and drug prescriptions.
The results have been remarkable. I get out of bed with NO hip or back pain, and I am completely MOBILE! I've lost weight because I have been able to resume an active and energetic lifestyle. I am now looking forward to bowling again, soon.
I now look forward to my mornings, because I am able to wake up pain free and pursue tasks and activities that had previously been impossible. I am no longer avoiding friends or family. My energy level has increased enormously, and I have a positive outlook on life again.
I now recommend Dr. Dreessen's healing hands to all my friends with back pain. I am overjoyed with my progress, as I had believed that I was doomed to suffer forever with pain.


Woman Loses Two Years Of Her Life

Dr. Dreessen and Monica were at Fred Meyer doing Spinal Screenings. My husband had his back checked and set an appointment for himself. After his first adjustment, I asked him about the clinic and I liked what I heard, so I decided to try it myself.

I suffered from ulcers, severe headaches and pain in my lower back and shoulders. I also suffered with tendonitis and carpal tunnel in my right hand.

My medical conditions affected my life in many ways. I couldn't eat the foods I liked without paying for it later. I used to buy bottles of 500 aspirin every 2 weeks for my headaches. I couldn't even walk for exercise or necessity without my lower back hurting so much that my tailbone felt "bruised" or literally collapse as though I couldn't hold my body upright.

I was taking bottles and bottles of aspirin and codeine. I missed time at work due to the pain and missed out on many things I enjoy. I couldn't even clean my house, which really bothered me because I pride myself on a clean home.

I saw a chiropractor two years ago when my back went out and I was actually doubled-over and could not stand up straight. I didn't like the doctor I saw because I didn't like the technique he used, and he didn't take any x-rays or explain anything to me. He did adjust my back to point where I could stand up, but I quit going and was still in excruciating pain.

Dr. Dreessen's approach was different. He made sure he knew what kind of adjustments I needed by taking x-rays so he could see exactly what my problem was. He showed me my x-rays and explained what was wrong, then he told me what type of care plan was needed and made sure I understood everything so that I could make the right decisions about my care. He also insisted I participate in my care by attending a one-hour class, read everything carefully, and keep all my appointments.

I have now had about 20 treatments by Dr. Dreessen and have experienced terrific results. I am now able to experiment with spicy foods and I go for walks up to 45 minutes in length! I've told family, friends and co-workers about the changes I've made with my chiropractic care.

I am glad I gave chiropractic a second chance and didn't allow my first bad experience to continue my life in pain and keep me from doing the things that I enjoy. I only wish that I had tried a second chiropractor sooner, instead of letting one bad experience cost me two years of my life!


Why Didn't Someone Tell Me Before It Was Too Late?

Nathan suffered from chronic ear infections for years. We made endless trips to the medical doctor's office. Nathan had many restless nights and lost a lot of sleep (as did Mom!) because of the pain.

The medical doctor prescribed antibiotics time after time. Nathan was frequently on Amoxicillin and countless other medications. When the drugs didn't work anymore, Nathan had surgery to put tubes in his ears. Even after the surgery, he still got ear infections.

I brought Nathan to see Dr. Dreessen after reading literature about how chiropractic helps children with ear infections. Dr. Dreessen found several subluxations in Nathan's neck and upper back and put him on a treatment plan.

Nathan did not have any fears about chiropractic. He looks forward to his adjustments and happily climbs up on the adjusting table.

A short time into his care, Nathan quit having ear infections. He has not had one since he started receiving adjustments from Dr. Dreessen. He has now completed his care and is on a monthly maintenance schedule.

I highly recommend chiropractic care for children. If someone had told us sooner about chiropractic and ear infections, Nathan would not have had tubes put in his ears, and would have had a healthier early childhood!


Doctor Offers Alternative To Beer For Pain Relief

More than 20 years ago I fell off a barn and did not get immediate chiropractic treatment. I had been living with pain and stiffness, fatigue, eye twitching and even depression from not feeling good.

Having to drag my stiff, aching body out of bed to go to work every day has been the hardest part. I also hated having to turn down going out with friends because I just wanted to lay down and rest.

I saw a couple of chiropractors in the past for some quick relief, but it wasn't enough to get me fully corrected. I didn't take any medication for my pain, I just gritted it out. Sometimes, though, I would get a six-pack of beer and get drunk to relieve the pain after a hard week at work.

I finally got to the point where my eyes were twitching so bad that I was too embarrassed to talk to people and my pain was becoming too agonizing to live with.

I came to see Dr. Dreessen and he told me he could help me if I kept up the frequency of my treatments until my back was fully corrected. I stayed on my care schedule and it worked.

My neck was locked up with kinks in it, and now I have free, loose movement in my neck. My eye twitching is almost completely gone. My mid back still needs some work, but the agonizing pain, stiffness and fatigue has been reduced to a minor annoyance.

I knew chiropractic could help me, but I didn't realize how much I could improve physically, as well as the mentally. I am a lot happier and have more confidence interacting with people knowing I don't have a painful frown on my face.

If you think chiropractic care is too expensive, you are wrong! Being pain-free and knowing that you aren't going to be decrepit and in pain when you are older is priceless!

I tell anyone who is in pain how much better Dr. Dreessen has helped me feel.


Avid "Swinger" Needs Help

I have been considering seeing a chiropractor over the last year. For the past 3-4 years I have been experiencing stiffness down both sides of my neck, into and across both shoulders and shoulder blades. The pain became more acute in the last year and was most noticeable in the middle of the night, waking me up with mild pain, forcing me to change positions all night long. Also, in the mornings my hands would feel swollen and stiff to where my wedding band would feel tight.

I also was experiencing some sporadic soreness in my lower back and a sharp pain in my right hip. This problem has existed, most recently, off and on for about a year. I did not see another doctor for this condition, nor did I take any medication.
I had seen a chiropractor for a low back problem 25 years ago that had totally been eradicated with some adjustments and specific exercises so I was familiar with chiropractic treatment.

I'm an avid golfer, and if it's one thing a golfer can't stand is constant stiffness and soreness that interferes with the game. Both my daughter-in-law, who is a massage therapist, and my son suggested seeing Dr. "G" for my complaints as they were both current treating patients.

After 20 visits with Dr. Gilmore, I feel much better. The stiffness in my neck and shoulders has diminished greatly and my range of motion in the neck and shoulder area has also improved. The stiffness in my hands has also been significantly reduced. The soreness in the lower back is less noticeable and I have not had the sharp pain in my hip since starting treatment.

So here I am, feeling much better and enjoying life and the game of golf much more. The only thing I'm really disappointed about is my golf game hasn't improved, at least not yet!!


Expectant Mother Almost Goes Crazy

I had been dealing with severe lowback and sciatic pain for about a month when I ran into Dr. Gilmore doing a postural screening at Babies 'R Us in Lynnwood.

I was still in my 1st trimester of pregnancy and the pain was making it difficult to get out of bed, move, or even walk. I had to stay home from work and had stopped my daily exercise regiment. I felt disabled and found myself depressed!!! I had seen my family medical doctor who told me that the pain was just another symptom of being pregnant. I had tried yoga and stretching exercises but nothing seemed to help.

I had been to a chiropractor in the past but thought that my back pain was too severe for Dr. Gilmore to help. At that point though, I realized I had to do something about the pain or else I would go crazy!!

Relief was immediate after Dr. Gilmore treated me. Friends noticed a huge difference in my attitude. I was feeling wonderful! I was back to walking and could even jog a little because I felt no more pain.

I would recommend anyone with pain, even due to pregnancy, to give chiropractic a try and see Dr. Gilmore. It really does work and can change a person's whole attitude towards themselves and others. Thanks Dr. Gilmore, I can now be a proud mother to be.


Girlfriend Tired of Complaints Convinces Boyfriend to Give Chiropractic A Try

I had a lot of pain in my low back, especially on the right side, for the better part of 8 years before I came to see Dr. Gilmore. Work was very difficult at times as bending over and lifting heavy boxes would put extra strain on my low back. The pain affected my sleep so I tried to sleep differently to ease the pain. Recreational activities that I enjoyed like softball and golf were no longer fun as the constant twisting and turning would produce extra back pain. Even bending to put my shoes on was difficult!

Mentally it was taking a toll as I thought it would never get better. I was constantly complaining to my girlfriend, friends and co-workers. My father has had a bad back as well and so I thought that I was going down the same path.

I finally decided to try chiropractic because my annoyed girlfriend was tired of my complaining. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I had my doubts. At first I thought that it wouldn't help that much or it would just help for a couple of days. I was wrong!

In just a few months I had begun to see changes. There was no longer any pain in my low back. A couple times the pain came back but in sticking to my treatment schedule the pain would go away and I noticed a significant difference. Waking up in the morning I had no pain, tying my shoes was no problem and lifting at was work was fine.

My recovery has given me more strength mentally and a general sense of relief knowing that I can perform at my best and not have to worry about my back.

I would recommend others to come in and get adjusted as I have had no sharp pain in over 3 weeks and am feeling great!!!


No "Band-Aid" For My Problem - Fix It With Chiropractic

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst pain), I was at an 11 when I began seeing Dr. Gilmore. I had been experiencing recurring pain and stiffness throughout my neck and back for years. I had seen other doctors who had recommended medication. Consequently I was relying on Ibuprofen and/or Tylenol almost daily to deal with the pain. In the past, I had had some physical therapy which did not help my symptoms. Massage therapy gave me some relief but it was only temporary.

The chronic pain had made me irritable and unable to concentrate. As an administrative assistant, I was required to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time. I found the pain controlling my day and effecting my ability to do my job.

It hurt to do any physical activity. My husband and I enjoy the outdoors but my pain limited me to what I could do and I eventually gained some weight. Emotionally I was in a constant feeling of sorrow wondering "when will the pain stop?"
Through an initial intensive chiropractic care program with Dr. Gilmore, it took only a couple of weeks before I was pain free. Because the pain was now under control, we started the healing process. Only four months later I was needing care once every three weeks and was completely pain free.

I can now work a nine hour day without pain and stiffness. I can go for long walks and hikes again. I can sleep through the night and wake up refreshed and ready to start my day. I feel alive again.

Chiropractic has changed my life! I have told everyone I know about chiropractic and Dr. Gilmore. Thank you to Dr. Gilmore and the friendly staff at Back To Action for helping me get my life back.


Engaged Women Finally Able To See Fiance Without Pain

I had first met Dr. Gilmore at a Wedding Showcase where I was experiencing steady, immobilizing neck and upper back pain and spasms for the past six months. As well, I had been experiencing low back pain for the past 4 years that would come and go. It hurt to be on the phone, to check blind spots while driving, and weakened my upper body for carrying and lifting. It even hurt to look up at my fiancee who is taller than me.

I found my condition to be both draining and frustrating. I got tired of trying to find that "magic" position that didn't hurt. I knew chiropractic would help me but I kept putting it off until I ran into Dr. Gilmore.

With chiropractic treatment I have had huge relief of symptoms. Along the way, progress slowed down, but Dr. Gilmore was open to the feedback I gave him and we tried a variety of styles and techniques until we found what technique worked best for me.

One thing I appreciated was that Dr. Gilmore's focus is on getting me better for good and not just in treating the pain temporarily.

Now I am able to drive, use the phone, sleep better, be more energetic, and even kiss my fiancé without pain. Medication and/or surgery does not fix all problems. I am confident that Dr. Gilmore and chiropractic are effective in helping people with their aches and pains and consequently have told 6-7 close friends about the job Dr. Gilmore does.



My story begins in October 2001, when I began to experience extreme low back pain. The pain itself came without warning and was not the result of any type of trauma. The pain would especially get bad with any type of sitting which lasted longer than 15 minutes.

At school, sitting through my 1-2 hour classes were horrible. I was unable to concentrate on the class work and all I could focus on was the pain. Riding in a car was unbearable and working out was not at all easy. In many cases working out would increase my lowback pain so I chose to cut short my routine or forget about it all together.

The pain made me feel cheated as it took control of my life. I was only 21, with no history of trauma, but was experiencing tremendous low back pain. The pain was presenting a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge.

My mother had gone to a chiropractor for her back problems so I tried several chiropractors but they were unsuccessful in helping me with my lowback pain.

Beginning in June of 2002 I began seeing Dr. Gilmore who knew my boyfriend. On my first visit I rated my pain at a 10. Within one month of treatment my pain was reduced by nearly 50%. At that time I was getting adjusted three times per week. For probably the past four months I have rated my pain consistently at about a 1.

Now that I no longer experience such extreme lowback pain I can actually sit through such things as a movie and enjoy it! I can now take a road trip and not be uncomfortable the whole time.

For those who are suffering in pain, don't just think about it, do something about it. The pain will not get any better on it's own. Chiropractic care is a good place to start in feeling better and getting on with living.